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Nebraska Concealed Carry Class

Topics Covered:

Conflict Resolution - Situational Awareness - Firearms Safety Rules

Safe Handgun Storage - Basic Handgun Shooting Fundamentals

Basic Handgun and Handgun Ammunition Nomenclature

Concealed Carry Techniques - Holsters and Methods of Carry -

Federal/State/Local Laws regarding Purchase, Ownership, Firearms Possession and Transportation

Federal-State-Local Laws regarding Use of Force, Degrees of Assault & Justifiable Homicide -

Nebraska State Statutes - City Ordinances

Rules and Regulations of the Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit Program.


Written Test

30 questions

70% score needed to pass



Student will complete a few practice drills

30 round Qualification

70% score needed to pass

(FBI "Q" Target)


 Completion of the Class

Certificate of Completion awarded


 ***This class is designed to meet the requirements set forth by the Nebraska State Patrol, for the purpose of obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit. This class is not the NRA Basic Pistol class.


Legal Aspects of Using Lethal Force 
This is a 4 1/2 hour lecture class done in one day for those individuals who want more in depth knowledge of legal issues surrounding use of force.

Topics Covered:

Hiring an Attorney - Calling 911

Talking to the Police - Your Rights

Levels of Force - Acceptable use of Force

When you can Draw your Firearm

Use of Force to Protect Property

Castle Doctrine - Civil Liabilities

In Depth Review of Nebraska Use of Force Laws

Explore Various Lethal Force Scenarios


* You must show proof of a current background check to take this class. (either a valid concealed carry permit, or NE handgun purchase permit will suffice)


*** This class is NOT approved for a state concealed carry permit. This class is to further a ccw permit holders knowledge of legal issues surrounding self defense.