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Handgun Shooting Sports

Participating in various handgun shooting sports is a great way to build your shooting skills, compete in pressure situations and meet other like people who share your same interests. Let's be very clear, simply competing in shooting sports does not TRAIN you to be totally prepared for a defensive encounter.... However it does encourage you to practice and learn more about your abilities with your firearm.
Some of the local handgun shooting sports that we participate in and recommend:
- Rock Your Glock (Lincoln Izaak Walton Range)
- Bowling Pin Shooting (Weeping Water Gun Club)
- Rockin Thunder Inddor Matches (Thunder Alley Lincoln)
- IDPA - Defensive Pistol Shooting (IDPA Nebraska / Thunder Alley)

*** Go to the "Links" page for web addresses to these local clubs and shooting sports.

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation
Glock Inc, is the ONLY handgun manufacturer that has organzied a whole new shooting sport for their customers. GSSF hosts over 30+ outdoor matches all over the United States, as well as League matches at Indoor ranges. These matches are based on stock Glocks, so you don't need to pour $$$ into a super race gun. Yes there is a category for modified Glocks if that is your cup of tea. The matches are family oriented and simple. There is no drawing, no speed reloads, no movement, very little memory work, no fancy equipment. It is easy enough that anyone can shoot it, yet challenging enough for the greatest Master Glock shooters in the US.
For Nebraskans, GSSF has a match in Grand Island every June, which sort of kicks off all of the other matches throughout the midwestern states. In July, GSSF is in St Paul MN, August they are in Greeley, CO and September in Hallville MO. Currently an Indoor match series is in the works for January, February and March at the Thunder Alley Indoor range in Lincoln. (Stay Tuned for Details). Glock gives away pistols, cash and other prizes at these matches.
Joining GSSF costs $35 ($25 annual renewal fee). Here is what you get for joining:
1) Membership card, GSSF cap, Glock Annual magazine and two Glock Report magazines each year.
2) Opportunity to participate in GSSF matches. (you must be a member to shoot a GSSF match)
3) Opportunity to participate in special offers from time to time.
4) You can purchase ONE Glock at Law Enforcement discounted pricing per year. (this is lower than commercial dealer pay) (ie. $425 for a Glock 17)
5) You may attend a Glock factory Armorer's course.
6) You receive FREE Armorer's service at all outdoor matches. A Glock certified Armorer will inspect your pistol for free and replace any parts if needed, free of charge.
GSSF matches are based around stock Glocks, although there is an Open/Unlimited Division for modified Glocks. Categories are defined by pistol type/size and not by shooter ability, Master Stock and Masters/Unlimited being the exceptions. Categories are Amateur Civilian, Amateur Guardian, Subcompact, Major Subcompact, Competition, Master Stock and Unlimited. Contestants may also enter a team entry of 3 shooters in Amateur Civilian, Amateur Guardian and master Stock. It's a fun shoot, suitable for all family members. There are special $75.00 cash awards for: High Female, High Junior Female, High Guardian Female, High Senior, High Junior Male and High Challenged Shooter.
For more info, and to join:

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